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Adults A-D

(1+ Yrs.)

When more dogs arrive than we can get out in a timely manner, our longest residents become URGENT. Often these are larger breed dogs that we adore but have simply been at the shelter too long with little to no interest from rescues, adopters, or fosters. When dogs are marked urgent, we could lose them at any time with little to no notice. 


4/18/24 Intake: german shepherd mix, 56 lbs, 2 yrs old, male, HW-, stray. Aaron came in with Andy. They were brought in by animal control as strays from Springview Drive in Darlington. Aaron has warmed up very quickly. He is heartworm Negative. 

*Videos state the dog is "Andy," however, these videos are in fact Aaron (tan/black).*

Videos:  DoggyFriends  MeetsNell  FriendNell  FriendAndy  DoggyFriends  

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Alfredo - URGENT DUE TO TIME AT SHELTER - sponsored for rescue pull fees & rescue HW treatment

3/18/24 Intake: lab mix, 46 lbs, 1.5 yrs old, male, HW+, stray. Alfredo was brought in as a stray by animal control from Flushing Covey Road in Hartsville. He did well for intake and walked well on a leash. Alfredo is Heartworm positive. 

More about Alfredo Jul 15, 2024: Isn’t Alfredo a hunk? This handsome, sweet boy arrived as a stray in March and is in need of rescue or adoption. He’s approx 1 1/2 years young, 56lb, heartworm positive lab mix who is good with other dogs and very gentle with children! Alfredo is a good boy, is a gentle treat taker, walks well on a leash, and shares resources nicely with others. Because of overcrowding issues, he’s been kenneled with friend Manning, and they get along fine. He met spirited Sadie during play groups and was very tolerant of her jumping on and around him; it didn’t bother him at all. He’s an all around very good boy. Alfredo is hoping someone will choose him soon. 

Videos:  SweetMe  ChildFriend  YoungFriends  FriendManning  FriendManning  FriendSadie    

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Alicia - sponsored for HW treatment

3/18/24 Intake: bulldog mix, 36 lbs, 5 yrs old, female, HW+, stray. Alicia was brought in by animal control from McCowans Millpond Road in Darlington. She came in malnourished and seems to have had many litters. She is such a sweet girl. She is heartworm positive. 

Videos:  HumanFriend  FosterFieldDay  

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6/22/24 Intake: terrier mix, 41 lbs, 1 yr old, female, HW-, stray. Amanda was brought in as a stray surrender. She was found near the Darlington Packing Co. She did well for intake. Amanda is heartworm negative. 

Videos:  DoggyFriends  DoggyFriends  

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9/5/23 Intake: lab/hound mix, 33 lbs, 5 mos old, female, stray. Anna was brought in by Darlington Fire Department. She was found on Reed St. in Darlington. She is such a sweet girl and did great for her intake. 

Videos:  DoggyFriends  FriendCarlyGirl  FriendGabe  FriendGabe  DoggyFriends  DoggyFriends  FriendPierre  DoggyFriends  PuppyFriends  PuppyFriends  DoggyFriends  

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