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Adults E-K

(1+ Yrs.)

When more dogs arrive than we can get out in a timely manner, our longest residents become URGENT. Often these are larger breed dogs that we adore but have simply been at the shelter too long with little to no interest from rescues, adopters, or fosters. When dogs are marked urgent, we could lose them at any time with little to no notice. 

Edith - (trial adoption 6/15/24)

5/23/24 Intake: retriever mix, 39 lbs, 2 yrs old, female, HW+, stray. Edith and Evan were brought in as strays by animal control from Folly Road in Hartsville. They both did well for intake. They are very sweet. They are not used to walking on a leash. They are both heartworm positive. 

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5/21/24 Intake: lab mix, 60 lbs, 1-2 yrs old, male, HW-, stray. Emmett was brought in with Rip. They were brought together by animal control from W. Billy Farrow Highway in Darlington as strays. They did well for intake. Both are heartworm negative. 

Videos:  MeetsRita  FriendRita  FriendRita  

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7/1/24 Intake: lab mix, 36 lbs, 1 yr old, male, HW-, stray. Derek and Eric, both one-year-old lab mixes, were found together and brought in by animal control from East Old Camden Road in Hartsville. They both did well during intake and tested negative for heartworms. 

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6/28/24 Intake: lab mix, 31 lbs, 1 yr old, female, HW-, stray. Argyle, Erica, Hopper, and Robin were brought in by animal control. They were found off of Press Road in Darlington. They are all heartworm negative and did well for intake. 

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4/8/24 Intake: lab mix, 53 lbs, 3 yrs old, male, no HW, stray. Ernie came in with Bert. These boys were shy and could benefit from a foster home.

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