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Adults R-Z

(1+ Yrs.)

When more dogs arrive than we can get out in a timely manner, our longest residents become URGENT. Often these are larger breed dogs that we adore but have simply been at the shelter too long with little to no interest from rescues, adopters, or fosters. When dogs are marked urgent, we could lose them at any time with little to no notice. 


11/14/23 Intake: hound mix, 57 lbs, 1 yr old, female, HW-, surrender. 

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11/29/23 Intake: boxer mix, 56 lbs (very thin), 10 yrs old, male, HW-, surrender. Raymond came in through animal control as a surrender. His owner had sadly passed away. Raymond is 10+ years old and very thin. He did great for his intake. He is such a sweet boy! Raymond is Heartworm: Negative. 

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11/19/23 Intake: lab mix, 56 lbs, 3 yrs old, male, HW+, stray. Redmond was brought in as a stray through Darlington County Fire Department. He came in injured but is healing well. Redmond is very sweet and did great for his intake. Redmond is Heartworm: Positive. 

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Reese - URGENT - $100 towards adoption or rescue pull fees

8/7/23 Intake: terrier mix, 36 lbs, 1 yr old, female, HW+, stray. Reese was found on the side of a road. 

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1/26/23 Intake: boxer mix, 67 lbs, 1 yr old, male, HW-, owner surrender. Ok with cats per owner. Remus was an owner surrender. He was adopted from us last year. His original name was Briar. He is friendly and playful and walks well on a leash. He is HW negative. 

More about Remus Feb 15, 2023: I'm a big guy with a big heart and plenty of love and athleticism to share!  Pushing 70lbs there is a lot of lovable me to go around. I'm tall in stature and loaded with plenty of happy, playful, silly, goofy energy. I was really pleased to get invited for my glam shots and I feel I did really well. I was a natural at posing for the camera and even ran and chased after a few balls. I loved the human attention and exercise I was able to get in during my special field outing. I was super excited about meeting other dogs and I feel the key for me and also the other dog is to give us all space at first so my excitement does not overwhelm the other dog. After I had met a few dogs, I knew I was doing better and being more respectful of the other dog's space. I could see the dogs likewise feeling comfortable and willing to meet me and hang with me. Likely, more submissive dogs in general will be a better match for me and or I am ok with being a single doggy in my new home. My former person also shared with the shelter folks that I am ok with cats. My name is REMUS and I do hope you'll consider me for the role of your new best friend. Things are fun and exciting in my world and gosh, I'd be honored to share it with you. Wet nose to you! REMUS

Foster Update July 9, 2023: This one-year-old boy is great with my 4 dogs, housebroken, crate trained, hw negative, neutered, walks well on a leash, and is simply awesome.

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