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(6+ Yrs.)

Many pet owners have a special place in their heart for seniors, so this is a section devoted just to them. Seniors like to sleep, have doggie manners, have moderate energy, are already housebroken, are easy leash walkers, and have many more wonderful reasons to love them. 

Bailey and Casey

9/18/23 Posted: no breed, 76 lbs, 10 yrs old, HW-.


More about Bailey and Casey Sept 29, 2023: These two precious big brother dogs need a loving forever home, because their 71 year old owner passed away unexpectedly. The former owner was a long time Darlington supporter. They are fully vetted with all vaccines and are on Heartguard and Nexguard. They are in good health. Casey has the beginnings of cataracts in his eyes, but he sees fine, and it is not an issue for him. They are truly inside dogs and are completely house trained. They are sweet and gentle and simply want to be loved like they've always been since being adopted from a shelter. 

Videos:  BaileyandCasey  BaileyandCasey

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10/1/23 Intake: lab mix, 48 lbs, 10 yrs old, male, HW+, stray. Carlton was brought in by animal control as a stray from Catawba Springs Drive in Hartsville. He was adopted from DCHS in 2013, so he is neutered. He's a sweet, old man. 

Foster Update Oct 18, 2023: He's amazing. He's perfect in the home! He's a very sweet and gentle man. Loves being cozy in the house. Loves snuggles. Good with the other dogs. He's 11-13 yrs old. He still has some good spunk. Plays with toys some. Energy is decent among the other dogs. He is content and happy. 

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6/9/23 Intake: beagle, 20 lbs, 8 yrs old, female, HW+, stray. Chickpea was found on Davidson Street in Hartsville. She did great for her intake and walked okay on a leash. Chickpea is housebroken and super sweet. Chickpea is heartworm: Positive.

Foster Update July 20, 2023: This girl has a heart of gold and is the most gentle soul you’ll ever meet! She just wants to be your friend!  She’s doing really well learning to walk on the leash. She likes to walk with the other dogs. She is great about going in her crate for food and for sleep. She’s wonderful with the cats and other doggies in the house. She’s a gem!

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Dumpling - (trial adoption 11/12/23)

7/5/23 Intake: retriever/husky mix, 56 lbs, 8-9 yrs old, female, HW+, stray. Very sweet and wanted to play with all the puppies.

Videos:  SweetMe  MeetsPuddin  

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Jesse - Nov 2018 Intake

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