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Puppies & Teens

(<1 Yr.)

A x 2 Pups

7/3/24 Intake: lab mix, 13 - 15 lbs (very thin), 3-4 mos old, abandoned. Athena (female) and Avery (female) were brought in by animal control. The pick up was requested by Hartsville Police Dept. Avery and Athena were abandoned at a residence and the neighbor stated that the owners left the home a month ago and they haven’t seen anyone there since. They called animal control when they noticed these two VERY thin pups trying to get inside the home. They are both very sweet. Athena is very vocal and loves to sing. 

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A x 7 Pups - Aspen, Alfie & Adrian SAFE; Atlas, Armani, Alice & Archer AVAILABLE

5/18/24 Intake: hound mix, no weights, 9 wks old, strays. Adrian (male), Atlas (male), Aspen (female), Armani (female), Alice (female), Archer (male), Alfie (male). 

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7/13/24 Intake: lab mix, 26 lbs, 5 mos old, female, surrender. Allie is a 5-month-old lab mix. She was surrendered by her owner, because they were unable to care for her any longer. She did well during intake and is now in foster care.

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B x 2 Pups - Brennon AVAILABLE

6/3/24 Intake: lab/terrier mix, 15 lbs, 3 mos old, strays. Bx2 were brought in by animal control. They were found at the Darlington County Landfill. They did well for intake. Brennon (male), Bernadette (female). 

More about Brennon Jul 21, 2024: BRENNON pup, available for rescue or adoption!  Currently in a foster home he is about 4 1/2 months old and sweet as can be. Foster Mom says “He got his bath and some toys and is getting comfortable. Such good manners and so gentle. My dogs and cats are very pleased with how polite he greets them.  He’s looking for his very own family. Please share this sweetie!”  

Videos:  BrennonAtPAPDEvent  Brennon&FriendJJ  BrennonAtNucorEvent  

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6/20/24 Intake: lab mix, 32 lbs, 13 wks old, female, stray. Brie was brought in by animal control from Swift Creek in Darlington. She came in with a collar and leash. The leash had a roped tied to it, but the end was chewed off. She did well for intake. 

Videos:  PuppyFriends  

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