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Puppies & Teens

(<1 Yr.)


9/28/23 Intake: lab mix, 30 lbs, 8 mos old, female, HW-, surrender. Alicia is a sweet girl. She knows "sit" and loves to play. 

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9/5/23 Intake: lab/hound mix, 33 lbs, 6 mos old, female, stray.

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B x 5 Pups (3 remaining) - Bennett adopted; Bernice & Beckett available

6/6/23 Intake: hound mix, 11.4 - 13.6 lbs, 12 wks old, individual surrenders. The Bx5 litter came in as individual surrenders by a Hartville resident. The young woman who brought them in couldn't keep the whole litter. So now we have Bennett (male), Beckett (male), and Bernice (female). They are all sweethearts and did excellent for their intake.

More about Bernice, Bennett, and Beckett Oct 12, 2023: These pups are sweet and social. They share their space, resources, and food well together. They are working on their leash skills. They are kept outside in a nice, large area that the fosters have prepared for them. They have not worked with them on potty or crate training. They are active and love running and exploring the yard. True hounds who enjoy smelling all the smells. The ideal family for them would be an active one who could take these beautiful hounds out on walks and adventures. They have recently discovered their "houndy" bark and enjoy talking with each other and with their foster mom and dad. If they are not able to stay together, a home with another companion dog would be good for them. They have been sheltered and protected, so all experiences will be new ones for them. They have met all of the new things introduced to them, so far, without fear or hesitation. These guys have grown up with us through no fault of their own. They have survived and overcome some very tough challenges in their short lives already. They are beautiful and sweet and deserving of a family to love them for the rest of their days.  

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B x 7 Pups/Bonnie's Pups - URGENT - Basil, Borage, Bergamot adopted; Bay Leaf, Barley rescued; Burdock, Butternut available

8/7/23 Posted: lab mix, 5.5 - 8 lbs, 11 wks old, born in foster. These are Bonnie's pups. Burdock (male), Bay Leaf (female), Butternut (male), Bergamot (male), Barley (male), Borage (male), Basil (female). 

More about Barley Nov 6, 2023: Barley is the perfect puppy! Raised in a foster home and good with dogs, cats and kids, he's adorable, friendly, a social butterfly and quick learner that's eager to please. He's so ready for a family! He was already crate trained in foster.

More about Butternut Nov 6, 2023: Butternut may be a little shy and timid at first meeting, but after just a few snuggles, you'll quickly discover he's a very loving and gentle soul. He's an adorable puppy with a heart full of sweetness. With a special fondness of other dogs and cats, he's a perfect addition to a multi-pet household. He mastered crate training in foster.

More about Burdock Nov 6, 2023: Burdock is charismatic and fun-loving. He's a true chatterbox and captivates his audience at first meeting. He adores attention. He has a huge heart and a bubbly outgoing personality. He is a bundle of joy and always a hit among kids. He adores other dogs and cats and had already mastered crate training and "sit" in foster.

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Beef Wellington

9/21/23 Intake: lab mix, 40 lbs, 8 mos old, male, owner surrender. Beef Wellington's owners were unable to keep him anymore. He's young and full of life. He's a playful pup that loves pets! 

Finder Info Sept 24, 2023: He has lived with 1 dog and 2 cats since coming into my home and does fine with them. He looks to be some type of pointer. He has bonded with my oldest son and whines some when he leaves the home, but we cannot keep him where we live, and we have not been able to find a good home on our own. He is working on house training and crate training. He is medium sized, and I don't think he is going to get much bigger than what he is now, because he hasn't grown much recently. He has been around smaller children too. I have a 3 yr old and the 2 older ones are 18 and 14. He is good with them all. My 18 year old is the one he bonded to. He just wants to be a part of a family and have love and attention. He is a good dog. 

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