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Abel - $250 towards adoption or pull fees & $250 towards HW treatment - URGENT - SAFE

7/17/23 Intake: boxer mix, 64 lbs, 3 yrs old, male, HW+, surrender. Abel was brought in with his brother Cain, because their owner passed away. 

More about Abel Sept 5, 2023: Cain and Abel sadly lost their person who died and found themselves at the shelter. These amazing boxer mix boys are keeping a good attitude though, making friends with everyone they can. The hardest part for the staff and volunteers is trying to decide which dog they love the best! Both are truly the sweetest. These boys have a nice energy level, not too high and not too low. Although, they may change when they get back to a home with air conditioning and a sofa. They are so cute when out together. They enjoy lying in the sun right next to each other giving us some fun photo opportunities. Abel is such a handsome, friendly guy. He was happy to make new doggy friends every time we took him out. He loved the children as well and happily received any snuggles he could get from little hands. Abel is keeping his chin up hoping that the next person he meets is THE one coming to give him a fresh start on a new life. He loves his brother, Cain, and they seem to get along very well. Who needs to come meet Cain and Abel?? Possibly add a new family member?

Paws Around the Pee Dee Event Sept 30, 2023: I have been looking forward to today since we started planning for this adventure with DCHS. Today I got to hang out with Cain & Abel. Their names might sound familiar to you; they are the brothers that were surrendered when their owner passed away. They are used to living in a home and have been waiting at the shelter since 7/17/23 for someone to rescue them from the concrete pads they are now forced to reside on. They HATE using the bathroom in their living space and will try so hard to hold it until they are let out. Abel is brown with a black mask and has beautiful white markings on his face, chest, and paws. Abel is very laid-back, affectionate, and likes to "lean in" for loving. Out of the two, Abel is the leader and the "brains of the operation." Cain likes to follow Abel and do as he does. Both boys are very gentle, get along with great with each other and other dogs, didn't pay attention to cats that crossed their path, and love kids (my niece and nephews came and played with them during the summer - the 9 year old was even able to easily leash walk them). They definitely enjoyed the attention today, riding in the car, being on soft surfaces again, and lots and lots of treats. They got to enjoy some liver cakes, sausages, and buffalo horns from Purrs McBarkin', and we even snuck them some pizza from Wild Heart Brewing Company (so good!). Then they finished their journey with dessert in the form of puppacinos at the new shelter site. They were so tuckered out that they passed out on the way back. The hardest part is always sending them back. I'd love to see them go together, as they obviously love each other, but I would just love to see them safely off grounds however that looks.

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Adaline - SAFE

5/10/23 Intake: hound mix, 56.8 lbs, 3 yrs old, female, HW+, stray. Adaline came in through Animal Control as a stray. She did great for her intake. Adaline walked well on a leash.

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Annabelle - SAFE

9/7/23 Intake: lab mix, 31 lbs, 1 yr old, female, no HW, stray. Annabelle came in with Amber. 

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Astrid - URGENT - SAFE

8/29/23 Intake: lab mix, 26 lbs, 6 mos old, female, HW-, stray. Astrid was found in a back yard on Cleveland in Darlington. She's a friendly pup that came in with Moon. 

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Bambi - SAFE

1/26/23 Intake: german shepherd mix, male, 68lbs, 1 yr old, male, HW-, stray. Bambi was brought in as a stray in Darlington. He is very friendly and happy to see anyone. He did amazing for his intake and walks well on a leash. He likes toys!! Bambi is HW:Negative!!!  

More about Bambi Mar 28, 2023: You'll be hard pressed to find a human OR doggy who does not love BAMBI! This stunning Shepard mix has the nicest disposition and he's a true friend to all. We had him out for photos and play time for a couple of hours and he had the best time. Excellent at meeting other dogs, it was super easy to have him off leash with a mish mash of dogs and watching him run, romp and play with them was great fun. He does some bow down playing and also "tag you're it" so if you like sitting and watching a fun doggy show going on, Bambi can take that lead role in your home. Abe (beagle mix) and Mia (hound mix) were his constant companions for a while and imagine how gratifying it was to see these pets all stretched out in the sun sated from a good hearted play date. Bambi would be ideally suited to care for slightly older kids and if your home has a bit of activity to it Bambi might give you extra bonus points. An easy to manage, super pleasant, loving doggy, we can't wait to see the lucky family that welcomes this wonderful doggy into their home.

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